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Reel Promo is a PR Agency and Promo Pool for the promotion of electronic dance music, specialized in Dance/Electro Pop, Deep House, Tech House, Mainstage, Future House & more genres. We offer a promotional support growing your Artist/DJ career by leading your music in the attention of the world’s most relevant djs, radio stations and magazines (Romania) on your musical projects.

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Creation of press releases, arranging premieres, reviews, interviews and promotional features on blogs and magazines promo pool to the most relevant DJs and club residents Radio plugging on the most influent radio stations, to get more airplays and exposure,social media promotion,brand image consulting.

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Our plus PR service is designed for label and artists who seek the best results, it features an elite list ensuring an higher response rate from top djs, radio stations and magazines.

In order to dispose of the queue, in the coming months we will offer only our Basic and medium Plus services.

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 IT WAS IN 2021

We believe that the simple things have the most substance. The most alive. Things done out of love, out of pure passion. No detours, no hesitation. commodo consequat. Super fun Reel-Promo!


Andreea Ilie just had a cool interview with the guys at Ummg Booking. They spoke about the war in Ukraine, and of course about music.

Andreea and friends

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Promoted by yourself, you will lose a lot of money and time until you succeed, and the results come very late. Together we can promote better and your songs can become successful much sooner. Shorten your way to the top now with Reel-Promo.com


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